What we do

Our goal is to supply our customers (direct clients & advertising agencies) with a range of integrated services on OOH field:

•  strategy
•  efficient planning & buying
•  quality posters production (digital print on wide formats, finishing posters, expedition to the location and distribution of posters )
•  accurate poster displaying
•  monitoring
•  maintenance
•  post-campaign evaluation


Proposals are oriented based on each p/s/b (products/services/benefits) specific: as outdoor advertising is generally recommended especially for mass products, it is also one of the best solutions for very oriented or niche products, due to its facility to be fully exposed 24/7, in key locations.

Planning & buying

Is made based first on quality criteria, positions and specific of each OOH support, taking into account impact and visibility, location place and quality, in order to offer a coherent and homogenous image of the p/s advertised, excluding any arbitrary or subjective reason or trespass.

Posters production

Is made at high quality on the best digital printing on large formats machines, beneficing of the most competitive prices.

Poster displaying

•made by professionals climbers teams
•strictly surveyed on cross/repetitive monitoring waves.


• realized based on most recent standards in domain.


• ensured by continuous correspondences with each supplier
• based on monitoring reports each damage is surveyed and avert in the shortest time
• there are applied penalties for damages not repaired in time due to supplier’s fault